We are currently taking orders for the 2020 season, thank you

Our open mated production queens for sale will be grafted from several different winter proven Carniolan breeder queens throughout the queen rearing season. Over the years our breeder stock of instrumentally inseminated queens have included Latshaw Apiaries Carniolan line, Sue Cobey's New World Carniolan line, and VP Queen's Spartan line(VSH).  An emphasis will be placed on saturating the mating yards with drones from our overwintered honey production colonies to increase our virgin queens mating with our Carniolan drones. All queens will be 21-28 days old, and they will have capped brood prior to being caged for shipping. Queens are caged either the day of or the day prior to shipping and are never stored in a queen bank.

Available for shipping on Mondays in June and July OR pickup on Sundays at 1pm at our farm in Franklin, CT. 
All queens are shipped Hold For Pickup to your local post office.

All queens will be marked.
Queens are ordered for a specific shipping date, to be picked up at our farm or shipped. Please mark your calendar and plan to receive your queens on the date ordered. Queens will be shipped or ready for pickup on schedule unless you are notified otherwise.
Shipping is via USPS Priority mail at $11.00 (per 10 queens) or USPS Express mail at $28.00
(per 10 queens).

Pricing is as follows; 1 -10 $40 each, 11 - 20 $35, and 21+ $30 each (plus shipping)


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"Connecticut Carniolan" Mated Queens

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