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Api·ary ('A-pE-"er-E)noun, plural -ar·ies
Etymology: Latin apiarium, from apis bee:
A place where bees are kept; especially : a collection of hives or colonies of bees kept for their honey.
    - Webster's Dictonary
Welcome to Full Bloom Apiaries
Bringing the flavor of nature to you.
Full Bloom Apiaries Products
We are proud to provide you with quality natural Connecticut honey products, strong and healthy queens and bee colonies, as well as pollination services for your agricultural needs.
  Located in Franklin, Connecticut 



Why Buy Honey?
  • Excellent source of pollen for helping with allergy relief
  • Cures children's coughs better than medicine
  • Contains antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals including the B vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium
  • Inexpensive alternative for carbohydrate replacement during endurance exercise
  • Can be used on burns and wounds to promote healing and reduce scarring due to antibacterial, antifungal & antimicrobial properties
  • Great for use as a sweetener for baking, cooking and grilling
  • Perfect for tea, of course!



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