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Customer Feedback

We've received some great feedback and comments from our customers that we would like to share with you ...


Dear Alan,

We absolutely love your honey. We came here from Europe and we know to appreciate great honey products. I buy yours in the McQuade's Marketplace in Mystic. We were just wondering, if we could come and visit your farm (to show our kids how honey is produced) or even buy a bigger jars of the honey since the local stores carry only certain selections. Please, keep up the great work! The sunflower looks so inviting. (I grew up in the Czech Republic in White Carpathian Mountain on the farm!)

Best regards,
Simona Hendl


         I recently was given a jar of honey from a friends sister in Charlestown,R.I. who raises bees .It was great! It tasted much different than the national food stores honey. Then my friend also told me about the health benefits of eating locally harvested honey.So of course I finished that jar but I didn't want to ask for another so I was in my market "McQuades" in Westerly and I spotted your product! Also delicious. The taste was as flowerful and light as Jane's.

          I wish you and your wife much success with your honey sales.

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